Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Film and Music

Wednesday, March 11
5 PM

Quilombo Country
University of Alberta Campus
Civil Engineering Building (CEB) 325
(73 Minutes, 2006)

Quilombo Country provides a portrait of rural communities in Brazil that were either founded by runaway slaves or begun from abandoned plantations. Contrary to Brazil's national mythology, Brazil was a brutal and deadly place for slaves. But they didn't submit willingly. Thousands escaped, while others led political and militant movements that forced white farmers to leave. Largely unknown to the outside world, today these communities struggle to preserve a rich heritage born of resistance to oppression.

The film ranges from the Northeastern sugar-growing regions to the heart of the Amazon rainforest, raising issues of political identity, land rights, and racial and socioeconomic discrimination. Included are examples of the material culture that allow the quilombolas to survive in relative isolation, including hunting, fishing, construction and agriculture; as well as rare footage of syncretic Umbanda and Pajelança ceremonies; Tambor de Crioula, Carimbó and Boi Bumba drum and dance celebrations; and Festivals of the Mast.

Quilombo Country is narrated by Chuck D, the legendary poet, media commentator and leader of the iconic hip hop band Public Enemy.

Following the film, please join us for refreshments and a drumming demonstration by Drum Group "Maracatu Mudança" (Mar-a-ka-tóo Moo-dánce-a) that follows the Brazilian tradition of Maracatu.

University of Alberta International is pleased to host the Welcome to the Reel World film series, which runs every Wednesday and seeks to raise awareness about global issues both on campus and in the larger Edmonton community. By pairing award winning documentaries with academics, experienced NGO partners and individuals with firsthand experience, the series provides a platform for open dialogue on the most pressing issues confronting us today. These screenings are free of charge and everyone is welcome to attend--see for complete season's listings. The screening of Quilombo Country is co sponsored by Arte Prete: Edmonton Black Film and Art.